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Fikerte Chombe is a 13 year girl who is in grade 3. Her mother and she is sick. Even if her mother is sick, she works daily labor as she is the only source of income in the house. Fikerte’s father has passed away due to illness.


Lehakin Awol is 9 year old girl who is in grade 3. She is living with her parents and other family members. Her father is not working and her mother is selling on street to get money. Despite the problem she has in the house, Lehakin stood 1st from her class.


Tariku Ashagire is living with four other members of the house. He is 9 year old and in grade 2. His mother is working as cleaner but she is not earning enough to support her family. His father passed away and it is difficult for the family to get enough money in the house.


Emawayish Alemu is 15 year old and in grade 8. She is living with her sick grand mother and her mother. They have a house which is not well maintained lastic house. They urged people to maintain their house and they get a relief for the time being. They have a difficult life which they could not make it better with out the help of others.


Lemlem Tekle is 13 year old girl and in grade 7. Her mother is raising her children alone as the father is not with them. They have no means of income in the house. They rely on the support of others to get their food and other basic necessities.


Tirhas Tekle is 15 year old and in grade 8. She is living with her sisiter and mother. Their father is not living with them. The source of income is her mother but she doesn’t have permanent work. The family relies on the support of others to get what they need in the house.


Yabsira Girma is 9 year old and in grade 3. His Mother Mulu Berga raises her children by washing neighborhood cloth but she is not earning enough money to cover all cost in the house.


Biruk Tadesse. thirteen, is in grade 8 He has to walk long distance to get to school and come back. He is living on hills where there is no transportation. Above this, he doesn’t have enough school materials and food to attend his education. Rising Children of Ethiopia has started to donate all basic materials for the family and he is attending his education in a better way.

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