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Alelign Fekadu is 8 year, grade 2 student. He lives with his mother. His father left the family when his mother Belaynesh Mekonnen was pregnant. She is sick and can not attend her child properly.


Kalid Ahimed is a 9 year old male who lives with both his parents. However, the father is sick and is not doing any work. His mother Zahra Abdulkadir is responsible to bring food to the house. She is selling cereal on street to get money and it is not even enough to feed all the family.


Bereket Getinet is 8 year male and in grade two. His mother Bethelhem Getinet is the only source of income in the house as her husband left her while she was pregnant. She is selling cereal on street to get money but it is not enough amount to buy all materials in the house.


Nuredin Mohammed is 8 year old male who is in grade 2. His mother Lubaba Yimer is doing daily labor work to give food and other basic necessities in the house. However, this is not enough amount to do everything and the children need many things to be fulfilled. Her husband left her while she was pregnant of her younger child.


Getinet Eshetu, 10 year old male, is in grade 2. He is living with his mother and one brother. His father is not alive and the source of income in the house is the mother. But she is not doing good job and earning money. She just need support to give better education and life to the children.


Tigist Kebede is 10 year old female and in grade 4. Her mother holds the family by washing neighborhood cloth. The income in the house limited her mother not to buy all basic necessities. She is not having all the things she needs in the house as the money brought by the mother is not enough.


Elsabeth Tilahun, fourteen, is in grade 7. Her mother says that she has two children and their father has passed away. The mother, Asegedech Abegaz works daily labor to raise her children. However, she is sick and everything is not easy. The family gets life too difficult with the small amount of money the mother earns.


Tsigereda Tamiru is in grade 1. She is 8 year old who lives with her mother Rahel Gebremeskel and three other siblings. Her father has passed away and her mother is responsible to bring food to the house. However, her mother is doing a labor work and could not bring enough money to administer all her children.

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