Rising Children of Ethiopia is a non-profit dedicated to connecting poor and helpless children of Ethiopia, up to the age of sixteen, with a sponsor. Read More >


As a non-profit organization that was founded to help children our goals are endless but are focusing on the major issues that children in Ethiopia face. Read More >

You might have these questions

1. How We Started Rising Children of Ethiopia?
Ethiopia is a country of strong culture. This marvelous country has a great tradition of sharing and caring for each other. Neighborhood is a place to share all aspects of life. The founder of Rising Children of Ethiopia Wessne Gebremedhin was born and raised in Ethiopia and now is a successful businesswoman living in the US. Our mission is to change thousands of children’s lives by providing education and living necessities.

2. What does Rising Children of Ethiopia imply?
Rising Children of Ethiopia works to change the lives of children and youth through education. If a child doesn’t have to worry about food or attending school, their future is filled with immensely opportunities. Education will change a child’s life and might change our society. By supporting the children, it is possible to impact thousands of people directly and indirectly. That is why the organization is named Rising Children of Ethiopia.

3. What are major activities of Rising Children of Ethiopia?

  • Finding beneficiaries who are less fortunate
  • Looking for voluntary sponsors
  • Controlling the effective use of the donation in Addis Ababa
  • Making sure the Rising Children of Ethiopia that are less fortunate are taken care of and making education a priority
  • We are working together with other non-profit organizations that can provide medical assistance to our beneficiaries

4. What kind of children are the beneficiaries?

  • Children who are unable to attend classes because of poverty
  • Children that do not have the resources to eat
  • You can visit our website www.risingchildrenofethiopia.org and click Meet the Children link and you will be able to receive more information

5. How can you help them?
You may choose to sponsor a child or you can make a donation to RCI that will be used for the children that do not have a sponsor. To choose a child to sponsor go to our website and click on Meet the Children, where you can see each profile of the children. You are able to choose how to support the child and by how much. After you have chosen a child you may contact our office by email: risingchildrenofethiopia@gmail.com or by phone 415-595-4041 . You have the opportunity to have direct contact with the child you are supporting. We also provide updates of your beneficiary every three months along with Skype meetings.

6. How can I follow up my donation?
Rising Children of Ethiopia has a strong control system in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can easily collaborate and follow each program. If you have family or friends in Addis Ababa, you may assign them to follow your beneficiaries. Or you can choose to contact us directly to follow up with any donations or questions. You may find our information for our US office and our team in Ethiopia if you click on Contact US.

7. What am I sponsoring?
You can either sponsor the child for school necessities or living cost and school materials.

8. Can I contact Rising Children of Ethiopia team in Addis Ababa?
Yes, you can directly call and inquire about the follow-up of your beneficiaries.

9. What is the age of children in the beneficiaries list?
We focus on educating children and giving them a better future. It is also our belief that children are in poverty by fortune, not by choice. Our focus is on helping children below 16 years of age.

10. How is the donor / beneficiary relationship created?
We have set up the organization in a way that the donor can directly send his/her money to the beneficiary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Therefore, a donor can either sponsor one child or many and send money directly to the beneficiary.   We are also working closely with various schools in Addis Ababa to form a relationship with children and bring the help they need.

11. What is the future of Rising Children of Ethiopia?
We hope our organization will create as many sponsor-beneficiary links as possible. We work hard to eradicate poverty in Ethiopia and see happy children who are cared for and supported by their donors until they get strong enough to stand by themselves.

12. How much do I need to donate?
There is no limitation to how much you can donate. For example, $50.00/month in Ethiopia can provide all the food, clothing and school supplies the beneficiary.

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