Rising Children of Ethiopia is a non-profit dedicated to connecting poor and helpless children of Ethiopia, up to the age of sixteen, with a sponsor. Read More >


As a non-profit organization that was founded to help children our goals are endless but are focusing on the major issues that children in Ethiopia face. Read More >

Rising Children of Ethiopia would like to thank our sponsor
for supporting our effert for a long time. Once agan, Thank You GARY & LESLIE!!!

Please be one of , the kids of Ethiopia need you!!!

How To Volunteer or Participate

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Website management
  • Administrative support
  • Legal advise
  • Other areas of interest are welcome

Here is How To Volunteer or Participate to help less fortunateĀ Children ...[READ MORE...]

Donate to Help Less FortunateĀ Children

All donations go directly to the children...Your financial support makes it possible for us to feed, give a home, and educate a less fortunate Child. Each meal can cost just 25 cents to make and deliver [READ MORE...]

Business Product and Service Donation Registration Form:

Here is How can Participate to help less fortunateĀ Children ... and get Your Products Promoted by our Non Profit... the Children will Thank You and Never forget what you did for them [READ MORE ...]

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